What’s New?


The project has reached a milestone for passenger circulation: The changes to routes and closures on the site has stabilized. A new map shows the pattern of routes that will be in place through the parking areas for the next 12 months. With the reopening of the 4th Street access early this week, crews worked hard to open the pedestrian way on the west side of the builidng and created a defined path that will keep pedestrians from the on-going work in the area.


New Pedestrian walkway extended to west parking area.


View from west parking lot to station. Orange barriicade on right defines the pedestrian path to the station.


Barricardes define path throgh fence to pedestrian walkway.

Work is continuing in all levels of the building with more work audible along the perimeter as crews work on the rehabilitation of the historic windows, brick and terra cotta trim.


This afternoon the 4th Street pedestrian walkway through the parking lot opened a week ahead of shedule along with the two-lane vehicular exit at 4th Street to access westbound I Street and Interstate 5 northbound.

Work on the west end of the front parking lot is nearing completion with pedestrian detour in effect for approximately 2 weeks. See updated printable map for current site circulation and construction area.


4th Street reopened Monday afternoon to vehicles exiting parking lot and pedestrian direct access to station entry from I Street.


Pedestrian walkway from I Street to station entrance is now open.


Current Closed Construction Area with new circulation routes in cyan blue. Note dates for temporary construction at west end of station which will re-open mid-February.


Front Parking Lot Re-opens January 27th for Parking and Curbside Drop-off

UPDATE: the front parking lot area will reopen Tuesday, January 27th by 8 am with new accessible parking, pay station, and a clear traffic aisle for drop-off along the entire front of the building as indicated in the revised map. Additional spaces west of the station will be taken out of service at 9 am for the second stage of the the parking lot surfacing and the drive aisle will be shifted to accommodate this work. This will be a short duration and is still on track (due to good weather) to be completed on February 9th.


The front entry from the crossing at 4th Street will require closure from Jan 27th to February 9th to place the southern portion of the pedestrian walk way to the center island from the street sidewalk.


Workers finishing the north segment of the Pedestrian entry walk which will connect 4th Street. The southern portion in the foreground will be placed starting January 27th.

When fully open on February 9th, pedestrians walking from the 4th Street signaled crossing will have a direct, well delineated path to the front door of the station and a new Pay Station location which will be the first of five new Pay Stations provided in this project. Parking Services will install an additional three new Pay Stations on site in the upcoming months.

Uncovering Old Rails

The work on the west side of the parking lot to prepare for a new warehouse and baggage area for Amtrak has uncovered some old tracks which served the station in it’s formative years. These tracks were ‘stub-end” tracks that served to hold special cars off the mainline tracks of the station and they did not come as a surprise during construction. We had conducted ground penetrating sonar to detect possible buried objects well before construction and these tracks were identified and anticipated by the contractor.



Uncovered rail tracks on west side of station.

West tracks 2

Passenger cars in distance are at the location of the uncovered tracks.

West tracks 1

Close up view of the track area. This photo dates to the late 1960s.

Front Walkway to Reopen Monday Morning

SW walkway 12-19-14

Monday mid-morning (12/22/14) this detour will go down and the walkway to the Main Waiting Room will reopen as the accessible route from the west side accessible parking and main pedestrian route from the west parking area.

The western side of the project has been undergoing a slow start of scaffolding and protective wrapping due to our much needed rain. The contractor brought in extra help on Saturday, pulling workers from out of the area  to take advantage of the break in the weather to get the job done; and they did so before noon! Final adjustment of the fencing will begin early morning Monday and we expect that by 9 am the walkway path from the west parking area to the front of the station will be back in operation.

With the re-opening of this path, the tempoary path through the bus bays will close for construction stagging.

SW wrap 12-20-14

The break in the weather enabled crews to finish the scaffold wrapping in anticipation of reopening the pedestrian walkway on Monday.

Work Continues on Foundation Repairs

The laborous work of digging sandy soil to expose the original wood piles continues. Critical pilings where new weight is to be added due to elevators, stairs and other basement infrastructure, are being exposed and assessed for decay and where treatment or strengthening is required, repairs are made. These wood piles support the entire weight of the buidling structure and have held up remarkably for nearly 90 years. However, damage that appears to have occured in the driving of the piles has resulted in some deteriation that the project is addressing. The City will continue a program of assessment and repair to the remaining piles that are not affected in this project over the next several years.

Piles2 12-19-14

Workers excavating a center pile cap that covers 3 wooden piles under the triangular cap. The piles are treated wood and were driven approximately 60 feet to a cobble rock layer.

Piles 12-19-14
Piles exposed and cleaned, ready for inspection.


Pay Stations relocated to Sheltered Pathways!

The Pay Station machine at the southwest corner of the building has been moved. Construction scaffolding and work in the area made the station inaccessible, so the Pay Station has found a new home under the covered walkway on the way to the passenger platforms. By February of the new year, two new Pay Stations will be placed back to the southwest but not against the building. And yes, the machine itself will replaced with a city-wide procurement of new pay stations. Also, at the center-front of the parking lot, a single machine will be in place along the new entry walkway from 4th Street.

The single machine which saw little use on the north side of the building, near the Amtrak bus bays has also been relocated. It now resides under the covered walkway next to the building on the path to/from the Main Waiting Room.

Both of the existing machine relocations were driven by construction related activity and were not planned as permanent locations. The Phase 2 project is funding a total of five new machines as part of the grant, and parking services has planned for a total of eight machines on site, one existing in the western parking lot near the bus turnaround. Let us know how these new locations work for you and we’d like to hear from you on alternate locations!

View current Construction Updates

View current Site Map for Construction Activity


New Pay Station location on west side of pedestrian walkway.


North side paystation move to under canopy along covered walkway on north side of station on route to/from Main Waiting Room.

New Pay Station locations in place by end of February 2015, shown in red.

Construction has begun on Phase 2 of the Sacramento Valley Station Renovation and the Opening of the new West End Parking Lot!

The City of Sacramento is happy to announce the upcoming completion of a reconfiguration of our west end parking facilities and the restart of improvements for the historic depot building. These improvements will result in long term benefit for rail passengers at the Sacramento Valley Station.

West End Parking

Parking will re-open to the public on November 10th with the addition of 44 spaces above the previous lot configuration. Passengers will find separated pedestrian walkways through the parking lot that will give convenient access to commuters accessing the northern platforms via the established walkway along the historic platforms next to the light rail tracks (see map). A pay station is conveniently located in route to the platforms.  In addition, passengers may use the City’s mobile payment service.  Instructions are found on the machine.

West Tunnel Map

Suggested parking during construction. Old Sacramento Garage and new West Parking area. Follow route in blue for pedestrian access to platforms and station. (Click for larger image)


Pay Station Upgrades

The Parking Services Division is finalizing a procurement of new pay stations.  The new pay stations will process transactions more quickly, and there will be more pay stations throughout the parking lots. More information forthcoming.

Sacramento Valley Station – Phase 2

Construction has begun again at the depot with job trailers installed west of the passenger walkway to the platforms. Work has started on foundation repairs in the basement and work will begin on the station south entry side Wednesday November 10th.

Site Plan Landscape-cropped

Site Plan of project complete. New 4th Street entry path and parking to be complete and open mid-February.

The focus of this work is to establish a new direct pedestrian entry to the building from 4th Street with the addition of a new Pay Station kiosk and five accessible parking spaces.

A great benefit to passengers will be a pedestrian-priority direct and level walkway to the station front from 4th Street, the will do away with the large curb step up and the meandering path through the parking lot. This new entry will be available for use by February 13th  in the new year.

Unfortunately, the sequencing of work and the start date required will have an impact on access in this area during the holiday season. The City of Sacramento is aware of the inconvenience this work will cause to commuters and travelers during the holiday season and is therefore implementing a number of measures to mitigate the impacts to Capitol Corridor and San Joaquin passengers –

  • New directional signage has been placed at 3rd/I Streets, 5th Street, and along I Street directing station parking access to 2nd and I Street garages.
  • Avoid accessing station parking at the 5th Street entry – this area will see high congestion
  • 44 new spaces in West Parking lot –enter and exit at 2nd Street at I Street.
  • New Pay Station locations – in West Parking Lot
  • Continued Early-In rate reductions at Old Sacramento Garage – under the freeway at 2nd & I Streets
  • Accessible spaces increased – additional spaces in West Parking Lot, accessible space count maintained at depot
  • Holiday passenger Drop-off at 4th & I Street – Passenger drop-off will be available along south side of I Street between 4th & 5th Thanksgiving holiday dates are 11/25 to 12/01. Christmas holiday dates are 12/23 to 12/29.

By February 13th, 2015, the entry to the station front will be re-established with a direct path from I Street.

Other work on-going between November 12th and February 13

Work will be proceeding on exterior restoration of windows on the south and west sides of the building, as well as terra cotta and masonry cleaning and repairs. Protected scaffolding will be in place which will separate work areas from the public.

Construction partitions will go up on the far west side of the Main Waiting Room to provide access for the construction of new Amtrak ticketing room and interior restoration of the historic finishes.

Work will begin on infilling the historic ramp area which will become new retail space and bicycle facilities. In the interim during Stage 2 of the construction in the Main Waiting Room, this area will serve as overflow passenger seating area.